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When a city like Milan meets an avant-garde designer, the result is iconic and innovative architecture.

The GarofaloPaisiello building is a contemporary reinterpretation of shapes and lines inspired – in their primary conception – by the Milanese tradition. World-renowned and recipient of the highest international awards, architect Mario Cucinella is the prestigious brand behind this new development. GarofaloPaisiello is part of the mosaic of creations by Mario Cucinella Architects and of the panorama of new Milanese architecture of great importance.

The Studio’s design philosophy is based on awareness of the cultural and geographical context, the malleability and expressiveness of shapes and materials, and the meticulous attention to environmental sustainability.

From a building enhancement project, a new residence takes shape that expresses the personality of a new corner of Milan waiting to be discovered. An equal distance between Città Studi, Porta Venezia and Centrale, the area radiates its influence, arranging itself in a well-serviced, yet peaceful and reserved context. This special combination of services, including easy access to various modes of transportation, makes GarofaloPaisiello an ideal place to live.

Vibrant, welcoming, innovative. In one word: GarofaloPaisiello


Odeon stands alongside Milan’s most iconic street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. This majestic avenue allows you to explore the city and its attractions, from historic colonnades to luxury boutiques.

Odeon will be transformed as a modern take on timeless creativity. With a combination of magic, history and innovation, the building will undergo major refurbishment to create a new destination, with shops, entertainment and lifestyle coming together in one place to provide an unforgettable experience.

The grandeur and fascination of this unique place transforms the shopping experience into “art de vivre”

ODEON. Extending the Stage.