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About us
Professionalism of the team and quality of performance, independence, transparency and ethics.
This is Realty Partners.
About us
Realty Partners is the local strategic partner for real estate investments in Italy.

Founded in 2003 by distinguished professionals, Realty Partners is an integrated platform that operates across the entire real estate value chain. Our broad opportunity set encompasses all real estate asset classes and risk profiles while our approach is narrowly focused on outcome-oriented value creation and effective risk management for third party investors. Our deep bench of interdisciplinary professionals has unparalleled network access and a combined track record of over 100 years in the business.
Core Values
Ethics and Transparency
Ethical conduct of business and transparency in communication and information sharing is the foundation of our relations with partners abroad. Trust is imperative.
Alignment of Interest
We win when our partners win. We operate in local markets on behalf of international investors as an extended investment team dedicated to Italian real estate.
Local Insight for International Partners
Global investing calls for local knowledge. Our team has the skills and experience to navigate through an environment rich in complexities stemming from tax, legal, administrative, commercial, technical, financial and national/international compliance requirements.
Integrated Model
Our core strengths include deep industry expertise, skillful asset management strategy, strong execution, complex financing management, and access to key providers across the real estate value chain.
Art + Science
Our expansive approach is balanced across the quantitative rigor of fundamentals analysis and an instinctive pulse of the market.
Our independence from institutional ties allows us to act freely without conflict of interest on behalf of our investors and partners. 
Track record


Billion assets under management

Million of Capex